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Now the majority of results is ready and also our Compendium as pre-version is downloadable. Browse our website and find out! The final results will be ready end of December 2011.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.


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Employability and Health Precaution for older long-term unemployed - 50-Fit

A new Multilateral Grundtvig project startet in November in Barcelona: 50-Fit!

Scientific researches show that long-term unemployed people suffer on age-specific diseases, burden higher health risks, are afflicted with mental diseases, undergo their life situation as stressy, morbid and destroying, etc.This effects directly negatively their ability and motivation for life long learning and employability. On the one hand this concerns especially older people. On the other hand older people have many competences (e. g. like quality awareness, social competences, etc.) because of their professional and life experience. In November 2008 a conference on health precaution for older long-term unemployed has been organised in Germany. The discussion showed that there is a high need for information exchange among stakeholders, like training organisations, employment offices, social organisations, insurance companies, etc. in order to strengthen the efforts for health precaution and promote life long learning and employability. The demografic change in Europe forces the necessity to use the potential of older people. Health precaution for long-term unemployed is an important key to promote their employability and re-integration into the labour markets.

Objective of the project is to present material, pedagogical and didactical methods, best-practise-models and own experiences how to implement health precaution in qualification or (re-)integration courses for long-term unemployed older people. The target group of the project are trainers and stakeholders who work with this group. The partners will undergo own researches and surveys (desk-research, interviews, focus-group meeting with experts) in order to find best-practice solutions. A main product of the project is a compendium of best-practise about how to increase health precaution among older long-term unemployed (with further differentiations, e. g. regarding gender, qualification level, level of disabilities, etc.) and how to integrate the topic into training activities.

Partners are the following organizations:

  • PROBENS, Barcelona, Spain (applicant)
  • INIBIA, Welver, Germany (co-ordinator)
  • AECEO, Mérida, Spain
  • BOIE, Łódź, Poland
  • Ayuntamiento de Torre Pacheco, Torre Pacheco, Spain
  • Europartners 2000 Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • ADCAVL, Poet Celard, France
  • Hommes & Savoirs, Saint Georges de Didonnes, France
  • Arbeit und Bildung e.V., Marburg, Germany
  • Praxis GmbH, Marburg, Germany

The project has been finished successfully. Here you find our reference curriculum. If you have any question, if you need more information from the internal part of the website, don't hesitate to contact us: Dieter.Schulze(at)inibia.eu

Last but not Least

"Comprehensive measures which include qualification, fast placement, health and mobility modules create a positive influence on self-awareness and self-confidence of clients. This affects positive behavior of the clients and positive effects on placement and integration."

Dieter Schulze (2009), Förderung von Arbeitsfähigkeit älterer langzeitarbeitsloser Menschen im EN-Kreis durch (arbeitsplatzorientierte) Gesundheitsförderung, in: Alfons Hollederer (editor) (2009), Gesundheit fördern!, Fachhochschulverlag